Nauti (pronounced naw-tee) Studios is a bad-ass muthafuckin creative industrial work space.

What happens here?
People make shit. All kinds of shit.

The studio is multi-disciplinary. It is built sustainably. It is non-discriminatory and everybody in here is good people.
Our studios are affordable and professional (aside from swearing (but we do that professionally)).  

The studio welcomes established and emerging creatives and businesses. Collaborations often happen through chats and table tennis matches.

Creatives working in the studio have their own private and lockable workspace as well as access to large shared common areas for meetings, photography shoots, workshops, lectures, exhibitions, events and ***PING PONG*** (most important).

People in here make their fuckin dreams come true.

Get a feel for our studios and spaces here.

Get in contact to join the studio here.


Nauti Studios is also a part of the OFF BRAODWAY PRECINCT. A thriving boss community of independent artists, art makers, cultural leaders and local taste-makers all based right here on Parramatta Road.
This is the place to be, and the place to get shit made.