Nauti (pronounced naw-tee) Studios is a badass work space for creatives and small businesses. 

What happens at Nauti?

We make shit. All kinds of shit.

Who are we?

We are your creative dream team.
We make anything and everything. 
And we do it well.
We are non-discriminatory, fun, and professional (except for swearing (but we do that professionally)).

What do we offer?

Our full/part time studios are for people of all different kinds of disciplines, backgrounds and levels of experience.
All our spaces are built custom and built sustainably.
As a creative, joining Nauti creates welcomes you into a warm and friendly community with collaborative opportunities, provides you with a fun and professional space to get shit done, and all the good shit you dream of without it breaking your bank. 
Creatives and businesses who join the studio have their own 24/7 private and lockable work space as well as access to large shared common areas they can use for meetings, photography shoots, workshops, lectures, exhibitions, events, work breaks and THE NAUTI TABLE TENNIS CHAMPIONSHIP (MOST IMPORTANT!).

Check out our studios and spaces here.

Hiring space at Nauti casually, for a photo shoot/film/rehearsal/workshop/event is a great way to get in amongst our unique (and let's be honest, fuckin fab) creative space. People find it inspiring just walking in the door, let alone finding out what increadible things get made here. It is a sure fire way to get people pumped for your workshop/rehersal/event, and our beautiful spaces are waiting to make your photoshoot/film an absolute stunner. 

Get in contact to book yourself in now.

As a contractor, hiring the Nauti team to complete your job is guaranteed to give you a 100% quality product, and (if we like you) long lasting relationships with good people who you can rely upon to make future work you need done. 

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Nauti Studios' Sydney studio is also a part of the OFF BROADWAY PRECINCT, a thriving community of independent artists, art makers, cultural leaders and local taste-makers all based right on Parramatta Road.